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The Jacksonville Antique Radio Society is now in its eighteenth year serving the needs of the Antique Radio Enthusiast. The club was established in 2001 in Jacksonville, Florida for the purpose of furthering the interest of collecting radios and for the enjoyment of those collecting, restoring, trading, and learning about radio receivers.
To all collectors of Rare, Vintage, and Collectible Radios. Many old radios in personal collections are now considered as antique items and important to the history of communication, entertainment, and radio technology. Please except our invitation to become involved by joining us each month as we explore this interesting hobby and pastime. If you are NOT on our email list, drop us a note with a request for your name to be added.
Contact the Antique Radio Club:
Phone: (904) 860-1645
Homepage: http://www.jarsradioclub.weebly.com
e-mail the Antique Radio Club: jarsradioclub@msn.com
Let us know what facets of Radio Collecting you are interested in. (What brand, year, cabinet style, tube, transistor, AM, FM, portable, Broadcast band, Shortwave band, cabinet restoration, circuitry restoration, etc.) We look forward to hearing from you and greeting you at one of our monthly Jacksonville Radio Club meetings soon.
Annual Event: Radio Sale and Swap-Meet (To be Announced)

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